Sunday, April 13, 2014

So Far With Coachella

Afghan Whigs. They absolutely destroyed. Both the Pixies and QOTSA delivered a great half-set. The Pixies started out a squalling noise, but the second half of the set, featuring the newer songs was exactly what I want from the Pixies. On the Other hand, sound problems did in QOTSA, so badly that I'd say- stick with it until the end of "In My Head", the come back for the ending version of "Song For the Dead" in which an extremely Pissed off Josh Homme turns the song into a heavy metal industrial stomp, as apocalyptic as the nightmare bird swarm graphic they played under- if that were the last song they ever played it wouldn't surprise- Great way to use the energy that was bringing their set into disaster territory ( they managed to make "Go with the flow" no fun at all.)  really it must be a tough stage, though, because lots of bands have been sucking, hard.

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