Saturday, April 19, 2014


I know, I'm usually ahead of the curve, and I'm behind on this one. What can I say- my post office sucks, sometimes.
So, I hate to damn it with faint praise, but my honest reaction is that this'll do until Torche comes out with their new one. I know this is Steve Brooks' "real" band, and I know that my friends at Chunklet like Floor better, and so on, but I'll take the heat- I prefer when there's more structure, and yes, I mean cheesey old-fashioned pop song structure.
So, if you don't know the relationship between Floor and Torche is Steve Brooks, and it's kinda like the relationship between The Melvins and Big Business, but in reverse. Floor came well before Torche, and it was far more experimental than Torche will ever be-and thus far more prone to both self-parody and innovation. But, much like The Melvins and Big Business- if you like Torche, there is a chance you'll like Floor too- but if you like Floor, you might not care for Torche.
I do believe that Floor is Art- and that's all that really matters,  It's much better, and I think heavier when there's a riff or two, and when they allow some melody in, it feels like some of the heaviest rock you'll ever hear, but then the drone takes over, and it turns to boredom. The thing is- when they're good, they're really really good- so it's tough to have to give such a weak and mixed response. I really wouldn't want to see them live, because I think it really wouldn't do me any good, so I'm saying go to Itunes Amazon, or wherever, and download only the tracks you like. Still- there you have it- I bet there will be tracks you'll want to download. Maybe your tolerance for downtuned 2 chord drones is greater than mine, but even if you have less, you'll want to download at least one track, here. As for me, I like Rocinate, Sister Sophia, War Party,  Raised to a Star, and Forever Still.

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