Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coliseum- Faith and Curses

I think it's pretty obvious that Coliseum, and, by extension,  Ryan Patterson  can do very little wrong, in my opinion. I may like things with varying degrees, but I do like virtually everything the man, and band have done. My favorite of what he's done, however, is the "House with a Curse" LP, and Black God's second Ep. That's not to knock "Sister Faith" or "Parasites" or Black God 1 or 3 or Whips/Chains, etc, etc- something has to be the favorite, and those two are. However, as much as I might like the recorded output, nothing can compare to this band in full swing. I saw them on a somewhat strange night, in that they were on a good tour, but circumstances around the show, but not strictly part of the show, distracted from the show- even under those somewhat "refracted" circumstances,  there were moments when the band was just a beast, in the best sense of the idea of the term.
So, a live EP? ( It's download only, and under a half hour, so I'm calling it an EP- it's longer than most EP's but shorter than an LP)  Yes, please!. I got it when ordering the new shirt, but you can get it wherever you can.
So, to describe- Noise? Yes. Ryan's  effect pedals are always on- POG,  Clone Theory, Earthquaker Devices, you get the idea. Punk Rock? Yes. The BPM might not be in the 200's any more, but it still averages around 140-160.  Metal? Ryan actually can shred, a bit, but he's shooting for something a bit more atmospheric- so, about as Metal as Killing Joke, Fugazi, and The Wipers- meaning there is a little metal in there, but it's not really Metal. Actually, if you were to wrap Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Fugazi, The Wipers, and Girls Against Boys together, and add some Motorhead sauce on top, you'd have a Coliseum burrito. Which makes them one of my favorite bands, geddit?

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