Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ready in Minutes

So, Conan Neutron turned me on to a pretty good New Wave band from Kalamazoo- Minutes. Now, I'll admit, I prefer the first record to the new one, which isn't the best sign, but their overall vibe is excellent. They do that uptight, lo-fi sound of that first moment when Punk Rock turned into "New Wave" ( Claude Bessy be damned, we all know what New Wave means) . Now, people are throwing around Jawbox and Minutemen, but I wouldn't go there exactly. I think Alley Cats, Superchunk,  Suburban Lawns, maybe a little James Chance  but it's all good- I think people are hearing Minutemen due to the trebley, overdriven ( not distorted) guitars, and Jawbox from the emphasis on close harmonies, but I think you could even make a case of Sonic Youth , Pavement and Unrest- the point isn't what other band they sound like- the point is that they have punk urgency, DIY rough edges, midwestern meat and potatoes melodies, and above all a tight-wound sense of economy and the nervous energy that brings.  It's too damn bad that Night Flight, Channel 18, and most specifically New Wave Theatre is gone- because they'd have a national audience if it were still around. I bet they'd even get a Sire Records contract. As it stands, I hope they get a lot of sales on Bandcamp...

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