Friday, December 20, 2013

Just because

Ok, so I got a little bit of positive feedback, and a deafening amount of silence on my last few "hobby" posts, I'll keep this extremely short- my ventures back into my guitar stuff has brought out the engineer in me, again. I've been feeling the itch to tweak, mod, and generally screw with stuff, again. So, I revived my Entropy Pedal ( a super tweaked out Ross stereo flanger that I've  changed around so it does an extreme  chorus detune on the edge of the sweep- we're talking a little over a full step detuning, and it also can do a less musically pleasing, more harsh and industrial version of the "Tin drum" sound that Dave Navarro explored with delay pedals and chorus) which needed some work, and I replaced some capacitors in my compression pedal so it sounds a bit less harsh on the attack, but the sustain is now a bit muddy.You get the idea. This has bred a few more ambitious ideas, which I will report if I actually do them.

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