Sunday, October 6, 2013


Crust,  as a musical genre, is good soil. Yes that works as both a metaphor and a joke.  I was a big fan of certain Crust bands, and that has borne fruit, whether it is Disfear making the most creative D-beat based metal LP in a decade ( Live the Storm. If you haven't heard it, it is to D-Beat and Crust what Ride the Lightning was to eighties Thrash Metal) or whether is is Damad turning into Kylesa and creating a whole new genre in Southern Stoner/Sludge .
So, I keep in touch with the Crust scene, but mostly to scan the periphery- the bands and Artist pushing out from the confines of what is, after all, a pretty limiting genre. Germany's Ruins are not limited. That said, I just caught up with Ruins, who I believe have the raw material to become another great heavy rock band. The crust basis is still there, but they're reaching around, and skipping ahead to incorporate the "post sludge" melodic elements of Tragedy, Baroness and  Kylesa.  Yes, it shares characteristics of doom, but it really deviates from that in the lack of claustrophobia- they have a great sense of space, and are prone to go off on nearly math-rock angular grooves, before bringing in swaying hypnotic melodies- it's that denial of traditionalism that brings them into their own musical turf. Good stuff- and I can even give you a "RIYL"- If you like Tyranny is Tyranny, Tragedy, and early Kylesa, you'll like some of this.

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