Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Limitations: Future of the Left- How to Stop your Brain in an Accident

I'm pretty good at "reading"- getting an understanding of what someone is trying to communicate. But I fall short pretty often as well. Such is the case with Future of the Left. This new LP is the first by them that I can get any kind of handle on. But even that is limited. I know that musically, they're wedding Gang of Four type nervous dance beats with Birthday Party styled explosiveness but I know there's more there that I'm not getting. Lyrically, it seems like the notebook diary scratchings of a hyper-intelligent sophmore at University, half-informed, and half hormonal. But, I think there must more there, as well.
So, I'm throwing this over to you. Can someone please get me up to speed on them? I like it, and I'm going to keep listening, and trying to decipher them, but it'd be nice to feel like I'm not posing by liking them...


  1. Just bear in mind that Falco's lyrics are meant to be humorous. (I read somewhere that he said he was inspired by comedy more than rock music) He's pouring forth random thoughts in the form of absurdist, surreal, ultra-witty rants. He's said that he's not trying to convey specific stories or clearly defined ideas, but rather general observations or situations. This isn't a band that take themselves too seriously, and that is especially true of their lyrics. Basically, just don't overthink the lyrics, just listen, laugh, and enjoy.

  2. Yup, anon nailed it... the lyrics are generally deep farce or abjectly allegorical. Smart as hell, very creative band. Most folks generally prefer the first two records: Curses and Travels With Myself and Another, which are more straightforward... they started trying some seriously different things with The Plot Against Common Sense and the new one. I don't love every song, but I love about 95% of them and I think they are one of the most intense and awesome and downright great bands going right now.