Friday, September 27, 2013

First of a few short ones

Ok, for those who don't know- my main "day job" is as a fixer. Technically, I'm called an "International Concierge and Reservations Specialist" , but I think most folks would just call me a fixer. I get business bigwigs and Government fatcats from point A to point B. Occasionally, I do the same thing for a celebrity or two, but really my main business comes from folks who make enough money to make your average TV star look like Joe Six Pack. To balance against this, I also work towards getting small businesses 8(a) certified, and, for some friends, I sometimes work as a Sound Engineer, and when that doesn't eat up too much of my time, I will do other odd jobs- everything from helping to wire up houses for Habitat to helping friends do their taxes. The point isn't for you to know all this much more about me- the point is that I make my living in anything but a traditional 9 to 5. So, sometimes I've got time, sometimes I've got money, sometimes I've got both, sometimes I have neither. For the past two to three weeks, I've had neither. So I haven't had a chance to post a whole lot. Rather than let that continue, I'm going to post some short things. Please know that I know I'm giving short shrift, but what can I do? A Man's gotta feed his cats!

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  1. hey nice post meh, I love your style of blogging here. this post reminded me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: What is your excuse .
    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.