Friday, September 27, 2013

BL'AST- Blood

Ok, since, unless you're Dave Grohl, or me, chances are you won't know, I'm doing my best to be fair, here. Bl'ast were a southern California mid to late eighties post-hardcore band heavily indebted to Black Flag. They have gone on to have ties with the Stoner/Doom community, hence this "new" record coming out on Southern Lord. Fair? Ok, well then here's my thought: Damn, but you kids have it rough. Bl'ast, at best, were a 2nd tier band in the 1980's. They were what you listened to when you were bored with your Black Flag records and Battalion of Saints EPs, and so forth. Hearing them again now? They blow so much hardcore out of the water, it makes me realize how low my standards have become. When Bl'ast sound good, you know you've been listening to too much 3rd rate stuff. At the same time, give them their due- sounding like Black Flag with little bits of Die Kreuzen and Poison Idea thrown in is a very, very high standard, indeed. In a world without Black Flag, Die Kreuzen, or Poison Idea, yes, Bl'ast would be headliners, and the world we live in could use a new Bl'ast record. So, damn you kids have had it rough. Here's hoping you can hear some Bl'ast....

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