Saturday, July 20, 2013

War Brides

I am assured that the people of War Brides are good people. This makes sense. The guys who make the most aggressive, violent art often are. So, let's get this out of the way- War Brides play a metallic version of noise rock, like Metz, or Jesus Lizard, only infused with a sludge metal sensibility. I think I said before it's like Tragedy meets Slint. Got that? I could see them on lots of bills, but my favorite "fantasy line up" for them would have Helmet headlining- only the Helmet before Page decided to sing like Ozzy, These guys, USOT, Tragedy, Coliseum and Today is the Day. As it stands, War Brides seem to play in Chicago which is only right, and play with Tyranny is Tyranny, and Maidens- again, only right. Basically, they are clearly part of that illustrious midwestern school of noise, but they really amp up the aggression. That's why I bring up Today is the Day. I don't think I've heard a band that sounds this pissed off since Steve Austin's boys were a big deal.  As a matter of fact, listen to a song like "Horse" or "Mean Drunk" and tell me you don't hear at least a little Today is the Day in there. If you're into extreme Metal because it's "brutal", have I got a band for you... Actually, that thought amuses me- some death metal dude getting the bejesus scared out of him by these guys. If you liked the Homestead/AmRep/Touch and Go era of noisey alt rock, again, have I got a band for you.. Others are comparing them to Shellac. Maybe if you put Steve Albini on gorilla hormones, and made him listen to Liz Phair until he cracked...
For the rest of us, if you ask me, this band is a great example of this thing that's going on right now, where guys are mixing sludge metal with various punk permutations. In this case, again, it's ultra aggressive noise rock. If you can handle it, I think you should handle it. Really good stuff, here.

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