Saturday, July 20, 2013

Segwei Soul Deep

Utterly fascinating. You know that thing that certain Japanese subcultures do of approaching some subculture, say, Rockbilly/Greaser style, or Gothic Lolita and reify it until it's like a model or diagram of the platonic ideal of that thing? Segwei do that with Discord style proto-Emo, circa 1985-1990.  They sound more like Embrace, Dag Nasty, and Swiz than Red Hare and The Evens do. It's like note-for-note replication of an album discord never released, but really should have, in 1987. I mean, even the production value nails it- big close-miked guitars, and vocals, while the bass sounds tinny, like it was recorded in an isolation booth. The end result sounds both raw and sterile. It also produces a very strange reaction in me- I like it on some kind of visceral level, almost Pavlovian- but then, it feels fake, forced, and off-putting- it's the musical equivalent of the uncanny valley. Very, very odd, and yet fascinating.

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