Saturday, June 1, 2013

TV Continued

So, like many cord cutters, I'm liking my decision. It's not all economics, even. I've got access to some content that I otherwise would not have. For example- TV shows that never show on TV. I've watched several web-only TV shows, and so far, the one I watch most would be Fearnet's Holliston . It's a low budget throw back to classic sitcoms  that is evidently a spin off from Adam Green's ultra low budget movie "Coffee & Donuts" . It's pretty inventive.
I'm also digging the Howdini shorts, Chosen and yes, Arrested Development  . Yes, I could've watched all of that and kept Cable, but why keep cable? I still can watch everything from Mad Men to How I met your Mother, without Cable, and between Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu I can see every movie known. So, why?
So, yes, still happy to have cut the cable TV out....

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