Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finland, Post-Apocalypse style

Full disclosure- my wife is Finnish. I have been to Finland many times, and would move there permanently, if my wife would say the word. She still wants to be in America, and that's ok by me. I don't hate America, and I'm actually fairly patriotic to some of the American Ideals. It's just a kind of selfishness that makes me want to move to Finland- I would dearly love to live in a more ethical, and just society, and I dig lakes, trees and rocks, a lot.
So, I have learned just enough Finnish that I can walk around Porvoo on my own, without getting into too much trouble, but don't ask me to have a conversation.
That's how I stumbled across Hebosagil.  I got their LP Lahto, and I can't describe it fully for you, except to say that it's so freakin' heavy and loud that it triggers tinnitus-like symptoms just on my tiny, tinny computer speakers. It's metallic, and it's sludgey, so you could call them "Sludge metal" and you wouldn't be wrong. It's also hardcore, fast, loud, and straightforward so a tag of "hardcore" wouldn't be wrong, either. The closest I can come is a mish-mash of  Today is the Day, Pig Destroyer, Sepultura and  The Melvins. Somebody get these guys on Relapse records, soon. They fit only too well....
Anyway, I can kinda-sorta make out some lyrics, and it's full bore Steve Austin to Jaz Coleman level apocalyptic rantings. We're talking some serious dislike of the human condition, here. But, my Finnish is extremely limited, so I could easily be mistaken. Still, if I'm wrong, it's only because they're trying to make us think they hate humans.
But, if Kowloon Walled City are too experimental for you-but you still want the heaviest music imaginable, here you go. This is seriously the heaviest music I can imagine, right now....

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