Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Freebie or Two

One of the cool things about the Internet is the plethora of free things. Sure, you can illegally get stuff for free, but I don't mean that. That's stealing, on some levels. At the basest, most reductionist level, sure, everything is "free" if you steal. Now, I hope it's obvious that I don't view file sharing quite that simply, but that argument has its merits. Still it's only a tangent to where I'm going. I mean that, as a promotional tool, people will willingly give you a lot of stuff on the Internet.Here's a few freebie things that I've enjoyed over the past week or so:
First, Violitionist. I went there for the Kylesa, and stuck around for some of the others. I especially dug the Locrian, Tombs, and True Widow sessions, but you might not be in as much of a sludge/post metal mood as me.
Now, of course, the engine that runs how they do the freebie downloads is one of my favorite sites: Bandcamp . I cannot tell you how much music I've checked out through bandcamp. Literally hundreds of hours worth. I guess I should mention that before Bandcamp, it was Jamendo for me, but the interface got too sticky for me. Maybe I should check it out again?
For movies, I pay for Netflix and Hulu, but I also really like Crackle. It's run by Sony, so it's not exactly "indie", but since they're giving it away, there's a certain "niche-ness" that feels ok to my sensibilities. For real independent spirit, though, you gotta check out Troma on Youtube. There's also OVguide. I hope I don't need to tell you about Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or the  Internet Archives, right? 
Now, I still like Paper books, but my wife likes her kindles. So, technically, this isn't my find, but if you're a kindle person, here you go: Free E-books
But the best thing for free on the Internet is jokes. And this post is one. An inside joke. See, this should totally inflate my reader stats. Why? Lots of links, and somehow, some spam bots have been browsing my blog, and artificially quintupling my readership stats So, I want to see if I can break 500 page views on a single post. If you're human, and reading this, you're now in on the joke, too.....

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