Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Bloody Valentine MBV

What do you say? I heard My Bloody Valentine before my son was born, at roughly the same time. My life was forever changed, by that time period. My first, horribly ugly,  marriage the birth of my son, and my consequent behaviour changes, my changes in career, and living- literally I was transformed in every way you can be, and Loveless was released  3 weeks before my son was born. It was the soundtrack to all those changes, and I loved it with a fierceness that few things will ever command in me. It was the sound of my rebirth, in the wake of all my changes. I play the guitar, and instantly, everything I knew about my instrument was thrown out. I spent years trying to re-learn this new thing. I looked at my new son, and I wanted things for him that I would not have wanted before I heard this music. Within a year, I had quit my jobs, and I got divorced soon thereafter. I got a new job, relocated and tried to raise my son differently, and as unbelievable  as it may seem, Loveless was part of that. I had the Soon 7 inch, the Isn't Anything LP, and the Glider cassette, and they were all excellent, but Loveless changed everything, even as everything changed.
Then, 21 years later, things have changed for me. My son is grown, and living on his own. I have changed careers twice since then, gotten remarried, and I live a few thousand miles away from where I did. I am a middle aged man, now. I didn't have to leave my bed to buy this new release, which is fortunate, given my current circumstances. I've been told by a friend that MBV is trending higher than the Superbowl on Twitter, whereas in 1991, I was one of few Americans to hear it, let alone care. That's multiple lifetimes'  differences so, by what measurement can I possibly judge it? It's worth more than music to me, and yet, all it is, is music.
So, I will say- it's everything it says that it is, and it remains to be determined if it's more than that. The music does sound like a successor to Loveless. New developments are unobtrusive. Some drums are a bit influenced by newer trends, there are a few more discernible keyboard sounds and the mix is a bit more clear, but this otherwise is a pure continuation of Loveless.
I cannot give you standout tracks, because I have been listening to it for the first time as I type, and have been doing other things as well, but I can tell you that I believe it may very well change someones world. Will it change mine/ I don't know, but even if it does, that could not happen again as it did last time.
In the meantime, find it, listen, and see- maybe it will change you?

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