Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Progress

I'm still the guy I've always been, I think. I cannot explain my love for the messy amateurish underground punk-based rock- hardcore, D-beat, thrash, crust, powerviolence, whatever, it doesn't matter, I still like the fast, simple and amelodic stuff. It's been a long while since I spent the whole night in the pit, but I did spend a while in the pit at The Refused- so it's incomplete to say that it's about the pit, but that's part of it. Part of it is connecting with a certain kind of youthful energy- the feeling that nothing is needed from the larger world. It's a tribal myth, I know, but a useful myth- if you think you are completely independent, it's a bit easier to have the courage to attempt fixing your own plumbing. But part of my enjoyment is knowing the distance I have from that scene. I'm a middle aged middle class type of guy- no one will confuse me for a squatter. At the same time, when I was a lot closer to that type, I still didn't look the type, so I've never been fully a part of things, so I don't think I'm trying to falsely claim it, either. 
Again, the best explanation I can give is that I'm still the same guy at heart, so I'm not yet done with this stuff.  This past week, it's been a lot of stuff from Moshpit Tragedy.  Favorites are the Atakke and Autarch EP's- both of which are far from purist exercises in form- they go between Crust, Metal, and post-rock, but no one will confuse any of this stuff for even something as polished as Disfear. Still, if you dig the raw, fast punk metal hybrid stuff, this is a great place to get your fix. I know most of the folks reading won't be interested, but I cannot ignore this part of my tastes, as well.

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