Friday, August 17, 2012


Hey, normally, I'm all for self-determination, and I'm not real big on telling some culture to adopt my values, but this whole thing in Russia seems a no- brainer to me. I'm not going to be satisfied if they Free Pussy Riot,  I want to see Putin out. Not just out of politics. I want him exiled to some sweaty island where he can pick fruit for a living. I want that murderous bastard disgraced, tried for treason and high crimes, and then shunted away from any kind of power whatsoever. Here's the thing- if everyone saying 'Free Pussy Riot" were to change that to: Fire Putin, Russia- it could actually happen. I know, it's hard to get people to commit. I know most people would prefer to try to support the brave and good than actually be brave and good, and fight the scary monsters and supervillians, but this just seems obvious- more than Qaddafi, more than Mubarak, more than al- Assad, by far the most destructive dictator going is Putin, and I don't think the world is safe until or unless he is brought to justice.

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