Saturday, May 5, 2012

I never hated Coldplay. They seemed a bit 'chick rock'- not in a lilith fair kinda way, which would actually be halfway cool, more in a cynical Christopher Cross kind of way. But, not offensive, not evil. That changes, now. The cover of Fight for Your Right (to Party)? Loathsome. Utterly degenerate.
First of all, it's like doing a memorial to the Pope by re-enacting the Spanish Inquisition. Yes, in either case, a major event, but not exactly what either party would want to remember. Beyond that, let the guy have a moment. If you're gonna play his song, play it his way.
But, we all really know why they played that song, that way, don't we? It was the song the most audience members would know, and played  in the Coldplay "formula" so that the audience could feel like Coldplay were being "heartfelt"- That's pure cynical manipulation.
On top of that, it's emphasizing the worst part of Coldplay's sound- hopelessly simplistic melodies, with narcotic overtones- like Pink Floyd at their worst. It's bad music, played for bad motives. No, thank you.

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