Tuesday, May 8, 2012

G8 in Frederick County, yeah!

So, are you one of those who travels around to protest the various G8 summits? Well, then you probably already know that the next one is on the 18th and 19th at Camp David, and, unless you have a death wish, that means your protest will have to be in Frederick Maryland. 
So, Hi! I live in Frederick County, and I'm actually sympathetic to your cause. However, that makes me a bit rare, here. This is a pretty conservative, pretty republican area. Even if Frederick, as a city, is trying to put on the appearance of a liberal, Artsy College town, the truth is- this is Tea Party country. 
So, a few tips-
1. Tread lightly. You're behind enemy lines, here.
2. We've got a wannabe Joe Arpaio  in Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. Don't count on Law enforcement to see things your way. You might make for a good headline.
3. That having said,  there are a few places in town where they'll be a little more friendly to you-
The Common Market, MOM,  The Frederick Coffee Company and Hood College but I said a "little" more friendly. Keep that in mind
4. If you're planning on camping- may I suggest  Gathland State park.  You should be able to find some spots here, and hey, that's Blair Witch territory.
5. and Finally- keep in mind, if you want a mass movement, you have to appeal to the masses. Keep it friendly.

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