Friday, April 27, 2012

Prong- Carved into Stone

Frustratingly good.
Victor can play his ass off. That's why he shows up on everything from Danzig to Ministry records. So, it's a given that the guitars are stunning. Furthermore, the guy is a pro sound engineer. So, the sound is great. While he doesn't have Ted Parsons , nor Raven, he does have Tony Campos, and Alexei Rodriguez.The songs are crunchy, thrashy, and melodic. The problem is that he doesn't have what he had in 1996- But the strength is that he still remembers what he had in 1996- an incredible right hand- seriously, there's no guitarist, metal or otherwise with a better control of his picking hand. So, it's frustratingly decent. You know it could be incredible, but Raven is dead, Parsons is in England, Terry Date isn't exactly on the same level with Victor. If this set got the same presentation as Rude Awakening, it would blow that record away, but as is, it's merely good.

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