Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aeges- The Bridge

You can stream the album here.
I don't know what it is with me, lately. I swear I'm not concentrating on extremely loud rock on purpose. I mean, my wife and I just bought tickets to see The Hives in June, and I really like the new Nicki Minaj track,
so it's not like I think I'm writing for The Soda Shop, or Elementary Revolt or something. It's just what's in front of me, right now. Anyway, Aeges are members of Pelican, and The Rise, both of which are awesome bands, and the music they make is what you might expect from such beginnings- it's soaring post-metal sludge riffs married to an angled post punk attack. People keep on mentioning Quicksand, and I don't hear that, but it does feature that kind of density. I'm hearing more of a desert-stoner vibe mixed with a post-hardcore dissonance, Stoner-math? Queens of the Skronk age? I don't know, but it feels uplifting at a time when it's easier to feel depressed than optimistic, so I like it.

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  1. ok, upon playing this on my car stereo, I've made a discovery: it nneds a re-mix. I didn't really like the sound of it- until I played with the eq- boost the bass, and half as much treble boost as you give the bass, and then slightly damp the mids. Now give the whole thing enough volume that you start to distort the bass- not full on farting noises, but just a bit of break up on the bass. The end result sounds sort of like Godflesh playing a Fugazi song. Much more powerful than the original mix....