Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coachella So Far

Didn't watch as much as I could have, and the feed doesn't play all the artists performing, but I saw Madness, Pulp, Mazzy Star, the Black Keys, and The Refused. Staqndout, by far, was the Refused. By far. But Pulp was very meta- and very snarky, so I liked that, Madness were very good as well. Mazzy Star was uninspiring, and The Black Keys literally put me to sleep. I realize watching a live stream on Youtube isn't nearly as cool as being there, and the impression is probably very different if you're there- but even judging from audience reaction, The Refused owned the night. As well they should. I will try to watch the Buzzcocks and Kasabian tonight, but I've got plans, so we'll see....

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