Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Song of the day

So, everybody else seems to do these, I thought I would, too. Remember the Sisters of Mercy? They were remarkably literate for goths. I think that's because, ultimately, the bad was Andrew Eldritch, and that dude's well-read.
Anyway, my favorite track from their super-rock Steinman bestselling phase was "Dominion/Mother Russia" because it was the most deranged. It sounds like the quasi-fascist mutterings of some eastern European exile living homeless in the American midwest, while the tyranny of the beat steamrolls over everything. Why is that appealing/ Because it functions both as a parody of the Sisters' own audience, and as a a dance track for the quasi-fascist direction the Western world was descending into at the time. So, it's like an Industrial Goth version of a Warren Zevon track. What's not to like about that?
Now, I know there's controversy all over with this- Eldritch is a jerk, Patriciawas said to be more an ornament than band member, Steinman was crazy, Was the band espousing Cocaine a fascism? and so on- but listen to the crazy, and be glad that it's not you....

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