Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, I've got a twitter account. But I'm JAFO on there. (Look it up. JAFO, that is. My handle on Twitter is @MattMaxVan )
Yes, on one level, totally sold out. But I still don't plan on "tweeting" and I still think Twitter is a degrading concept that will further erode us as human beings- and no, I'm not saying that facetiously, as some kind of hyperbolic humour. I really think it's bad for you, as a person, the same way I think that wine coolers are bad for you as a person, or the same way that I think USA Today is bad for journalists, as journalists. It's crap that lowers the standards. But, I can't watch the decay from afar, so I got an account, and followed some folks. There. let's watch the empire fall, shall we?

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