Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In place of a post

Here's a life lesson for you: next time somebody asks you to work a second job, say no, if you can.
Yeesh, I've been ultra busy. However, I thought I'd drop a line or two.
I've bought some new releases. I hate none of it, but I'm surprised by what I like more and less. I bought both the new Jane's Addiction, and the new Wilco. Strangely enough, I'm in love with the new Wilco, and just like the new Jane's Addiction. Also, I got Lydia Loveless' Indestructible Machine, and it's pretty satisfying, as is the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack. I didn't really expect that out of either one. I expected Loveless to have a couple of decent sub-Lucinda Williams type alt-country grinders, and the Boardwalk soundtrack to be pale imitations of the gutsy music of the roaring 20's. Instead, Lydia Loveless does a fairly fresh take on Country punk, and the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack has pretty authentic takes on some vintage songs.
Speaking of Boardwalk Empire, I'm more and more impressed by Michael Shannon, and I really dig that they've spent a few episodes dealing with honest appraisals of race and politics in America. It's absolutely must-see stuff, so if you don't have HBO, or you live somewhere without the show, I really would suggest you at least rent or otherwise obtain the DVD when it comes out. This is what television should be.
I'm also watching the Walking Dead. I've liked it a lot, but with the new episodes deviating from the comic book, it's getting into much more morally interesting ground. Seriously, I'm intrigued by some of the philosophical quandaries presented and could see how it could be a good teaching tool for a sophomore philosophy class, somewhere.
So, I will post, soon, don't forget about me, I just have to find some time.

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