Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Haul

OK, so of course to me, the most important part of my recent birthday was the love and time with friends and family. However, that does squat for anybody who might read this. You want to hear about the presents, right?
So, here's a partial list of the haul. More to come, but here's where we are at:
Books- I'm in the Band by Sean Yseult, Destroy all movies by Carlson Connolly, Husker Du the story of the Noise Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock by Andrew Earles,Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday by alex Cox, a left handed notebook, and George Nicholas and Wilhelm by Miranda Carter.
Clothes- A grey Hoodie from H&M, as well as a striped grey shirt from H&M, and a Clash T shirt from H&M. Also, a pair of Skull and Crossbone socks, A Parliament/Funkadelic Dope Dog T shirt, and a purple striped Tie.
DVDS- The complete Prisoner TV series set, TNA's Knocked Out DVD, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
CDs- The Singles collection by the Chemical Brothers
Other miscellany- a $25 Itunes card, some Bumble and bumble hair thickening agent, and a really excellent Brazilian meal at Chima.

Like I said, there will be more. But there you go. I like all of it, and love everyone who gave me the haul


  1. That's a mighty impressive list of presents there. When you say prisoner do you mean The Prisoner - trapped on a mysterious island with creepy British people or Prisoner - fucked up Australian women's prison drama from the 70's and 80's? Both are great.

  2. I mean the Patrick Mcgoohan special. I mean the one show to ever truly blow my mind (Hey, I was 12 when I first saw it. My standards weren't exactly set all that high) However, Wimmin in Prison? I used to have a thing for Linda Blair. I am intrigued....


    Sadly due to copyright there's no good clips on Youtube but if you get to see it, Queen Bea and the most corrupt, fucked up Prison guard in history of TV, Joan 'the Freak' Ferguson are worth the price of admission alone. It's quite dated now but a good old campy soap opera that was pretty brutal on occasion. In retrospect, it seems a strange part of my childhood TV diet.

  4. Oh, that had a different name over here. As a child I spent time in Canada, and the US- I recall the show only a bit, and I remember the "cell block H" and "Caged Women" titles, but not the Prisoner title.
    Then again, titles get a bit...confused between countries. My first favorite Australian band was the Angels (Hey, it was 1978, and I hadn't discovered Punk Rock, exactly, at the time.I knew about the Stooges, but that was due to family relations. I didn't get fully turned on to Punk Rock until 1979. I was mostly a funk fan), and you cannot get "Angels" records in the US. You get "Angel City" records, mostly because there was a truly horrific glam band called "Angel"