Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I might be converting to a Mac person. I've had it with IE. Currently trying out Safari. It's working, quickly, and efficiently. Has all of the "new" functions of IE9- but none of the glitches, so far. If I can do effective word processing and media playback on a mac- which I suspect I can, I might just be sold......

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  1. Couple of times i have opend IE by accident and i was stunned how silly it was. Dont know which version tho. I always use few browser at the same time, cos one is never good for everything.
    I mostly use mozzila open source browser called Seamonkey, cos its improved and extremly reliable (by its users) version of firefox. Allthough its not pretty, very basic look. For the pretty on the eye and fast on the net i use Opera. I have tried Safari and it really looks nice, but on the long run its a bit clumsy to be a "main" browser. Also, i use mozilla firefox with TOR button installed, when i want to go stealth surfing. Quite handy.