Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clapton is God

Actually, I'm not all that big a fan of Clapton. I just bring up the trope because Jonathan on his Metal Only, No Rubbish blog brought up that concept of Rock as religion thing. In a way, I'd agree that there is a spiritual component to my devotion to the form; however, I've said before that I'm not here to discuss my religious beliefs, and I'm still not. I don't look to rocknroll for guidance, exactly. However, in a more ideal world, the priesthood would be more like the Alt-Rock nation I grew up in- not a world of Rockstars like Bishops, proclaiming doctrine from on high- more a commune where everyone can say grace, and together we fumbled towards the light. I mean, we all can read, and all the religions have holy books, so why can't religion be more like a book of the month club, and less like freshman literature, with the too-old-to-still-be-teaching professor telling us his interpretation, and expecting us to regurgitate his opinions on the next pop quiz.
I'm not interested in a hierarchy of Angels, but I do like listening to the Choir.
I mean, do you really think that if Shaun Ryder was your preacher, you'd understand God any better than you do, now?

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