Monday, August 16, 2010

Catching up (a little)

I've been a pretty voracious consumer of media the past few weeks. I've been catching up on my favorite TV shows (on TV, that is. I never fell behind on Net-shows). So, I've been watching Burn Notice and Rescue Me. I also have been watching a few movies that I hadn't seen, like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ( short review- I hated it, and Michael Cera needs a new job). But mostly, as per usual, it's been music. Here's the list of new, new copy, or now-on-digital media albums I've been listinging to the past few weeks (in no order at all)
Robyn- Robyn (Fun electro pop)
Bat For Lashes - Two Suns ( spooky,experimental pop, like Bjork meets Mazzy Star)
The National- High Violet (told you I was giving them a shot)
Six Finger Satellite- A Good Year for Hardness ( not so much Chrome, still angular)
NOISEttes-What's the time, Mr Wolf? (Punky R&B, like Ska bands played Punky reggae)
The Specials- Specials ( always been a fan. I even was in a ska band, once)
V V Brown- Travelling like the Light ( there's no justice, if she ain't bigger than Amy Winehouse)
Ida Marie- Fortress 'Round My Heart ( extremely good Mekons-y Indie rock)
Leatherface- Dog Disco ( Lemmy meets Richard Thompson to play NoFX songs)
Leatherface- Stormy Petrel ( Again, raw voice, incredible guitar playing Punk)
sElf- Gizmodgery (who says art has to be inaccessible?)
The Joy Formidable- a Balloon called Moaning ( this year's Paramore)
The Nightingales- Insult to Injury ( like Tom Waits mumbling Mekons songs)
Veil Veil Vanish- Change in the Neon Light ( it's the 80's!!!)
Mew- No More stories are told today... ( incredibly arty digital progressive Indiepop)
The Darkside- All that Noise ( O.G. Drone rock)
Static of the Gods- Knowledge Machine (Pretty sounding Neo-shoegaze)
The Twilight Sad- Forget the Night Ahead ( very caustic coldwave/neo-80's)
Aereogramme- Sleep and Release ( supposedly post-rock. I think it just has great dynamics)
Aereogramme- My Heart has a wish that you would not Go ( the good stuff- melodramatic, orchestral pop-jazz with dynamics straight outta Beethoven. This ain't "post-rock" it's just very well done music)
Jesu-Conqueror ( Justin Broadrick. Need I say more?)
Die! Die! Die!- Promises, Promises ( well, looky there! New Zealand has their own Urinals)
Loop- A Gilded Eternity ( THEE ultimate drone/rock band. Stoners beware!)
dEUS- the Ideal Crash ( I prefer the mark II stuff, but this is good)
Soulsavers- Broken ( Lanegan could sing the phone book and I'd give it shot. This is great swampy, bluesy gospel infused-rock of the kind Tom Waits abandoned, and Lanegan excels at)
Elbow- The Seldom Seen Kid ( yes, I'm late to the party. Good music, if a bit derivative of mid-period Genesis- like right before they lost Peter Gabriel)
Kashmir- No Balance Palace ( sweeping, epic indie rock, with prog-folk touches like Silence is Sexy- but nowhere near as safe as anglo counterparts like Coldplay and Keane)
Editors- The Back Room ( I wore out my old copy. They're a one trick pony- england's Interpol. Much like Interpol you just need one cd by them. This is their version of Antics)
I'll probably do actual reviews of some but there you go. Am I a good consumer, or what?

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