Thursday, April 15, 2010

DIY Culture

Well, it's an interesting turn of phrase anyway. It's a pity that Kimmelman doesn't seem to fully understand what he is talking about. Still, not a bad article . I wonder what he'd think if it came to his attention that you can do experiments in bricolage from any location by use of the internet, and that it's not necessarily in conflict with tribalism. I wonder if it would blow his mind that all sides can now speak to each other? It's not just the Black Eyed Peas speaking to the third world, it's Die Antwoord playing at Coachella, and it's not just the Beastie Boys inviting Tibetian monks onstage, it's South by Southwest trying to re-locate to Monterey, Mexico. I wonder if he'd be enlightened or frightened by a band like After Many Days? What the print media world needs to understand is that the tribes are still there, they just look different.

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