Thursday, April 15, 2010

As long as I mentioned it

I dislike what's happening with things like Coachella and Lollapalooza- turning it into an entrance-only "event". The NY Times might like it. But, I think it's not only antiquated, it's detrimental. If they want to find a high-profit way to bring people together- why not take advantage of technology and bring the mountain to Mohammed? By that, I mean, why don't they stream Coachella live on a dedicated video channel online, then charge it like a Pay-per-View? Maybe stream two hour blocks to movie theaters, worldwide? That way, control is given to the audience. Don't want to have to sit through Jay Z, in order to see Die Antwoord? Just stream their set, and skip his. They'd make yet more cash, and it could be a world-event, instead of an over-priced gated community where you are force-fed mass culture? Seriously, the way it is now, if I wanted to go see Lollapalooza, I'd be paying over 2 grand to be forced to see Lady Gaga?! I cannot think of anything more wrong-headed culturally. Truly awful. World-wide culture is getting more democratic, and more interactive, but here in America, our Pop culture is getting orwellian and fascist. Screw that! I hope that someone finds a way to bootleg every major festival, and makes a mint selling DVDs of individual acts, and streaming 'em like Netflix.....

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