Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wire- Wire

Wire continue to be opaque. This new, self-titled LP follows the path laid down before which is a completely singular fusion of loops, minimalism, Psyche, Shoegaze, Dub, and Krautrock. They will continue to write nonsequitar lyrics that give away nothing about how they really feel, and will lie in interviews about their method and practices ( If you really believe that a guy who has a collection of vintage Dano's and Airlines and Nationals, feeding a ten thousand dollar midi loop station and a pristine vintage 1970's Jazz Chorus amp never rehearses, and doesn't care about gear, then, ok, I'm wrong, but I don't think so)
The method has been the same since the late 1980's- loops form the basics of the song, with a dubby, sinuous bassline to anchor the loops into a structure, with multiple layers of guitar and synth creating atmosphere and depth. Slower cycles bring menace, faster cycles bring energy, vocal harmonies bring serenity, and the total package creates a blissful, propulsive spritely wave. There's really no need to talk about it, beyond that. I love it, and I hope enough other people like it that there will be many more.

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