Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ufomammut- Ecate

Do you have a problem with Metal? I do. But, I don't have a problem with this new Ufomammut record. It's like the best parts of Neurosis- all brood and fanfare and crushing atmosphere, mixed with the best parts of Hawkwind- hypnotic mantra-riffs, Space electronics, and a rejection of anything organic, or folksy. The result is like being abducted by alien vikings, and recruited into a war to retake the universe for everything heroic and noble.
Yes, guitars, drums, bass,keyboards and vocals figure all over this, but, like Neurosis and Hawkwind, that's not what this is about. It's about creating a scene, and blasting off from there. It's heavy, and hypnotic, and psychedelic, but it seems light years away from jamming, and musical traditions. I know it has happened, but I cannot envision Ufomammut being on the same stage as, say, Baroness- even though it's part of the same genre- this seems properly from outer space. That's why I'm good with it being "sludge metal". It's not really part of  genre or even music in that sense- this is about world building- about putting the audience into a different way of thinking, and a different perception.
So, if metal is your thing, you may like it.But, if having an open mind, and an affinity for loud music is more your thing, I really think you might like it more.

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