Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bereft- Lost Ages

Hey, while I'm not strictly into Doom or Death or Black Metal- I'm aware of the stuff, and even like a few things on the periphery of those genres. If, however, you're more into blackened Doom, with a small side of Post-Metal, I think you might dig Madison, Wisconsin's Bereft. They have a new one/debut coming out named "Lost Ages" that comes to me highly recommended.  I have to admit, the aesthetics lose me, a bit- but I'm impressed with the sincerity and passion for the form- so, yes, I'd still consider it valid, and worth your time if that's your thing...


  1. Your lost by the meticulous (over)production? I too wish it was a bit more organic, but damn the songs are amazing.

  2. Basically, it follows Metal production values- most of the mids are compressed. I fully understand the aesthetic choice on that- and don't mean to denigrate the effort- because I do appreciate following a form- but for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is hearing damage, if you squash the lower mids, I literally can't hear the music- it becomes a hissy blur to me. Also, it really brings the vocals out, and honestly, unless you're some ultra talented vocalist, far beyond us mortals, I'm not a fan of vocals being louder than the music. ( Also my problem with a fair amount of British late 1970's Punk, BTW) So, yes, production, but also some direction. I'm honestly fine with people saying I've got no taste, etc, but I really cannot change the way I hear, too much...