Monday, July 7, 2014

Boris- Noise

I realize this is a bit overdue. I've got a real life, and sometimes, it intrudes. Anyway, a new Boris LP came out, which isn't exactly rare, but it's the LP to get by Boris if you want to get a Boris LP.
Seriously, it's their most accessible record, ever, and yet, it has everything you could want from them- heavy neo sludge monster riffs? You betcha! Ethereal shoegazer melodies? Of course! Drones, and random  noise? Not as much as on a Merzbow record, but yeah, that's there.
It's basically like Swervedriver running headlong into Baroness, with The Melvins, and Asobi Seksu and Loop, and Merzbow all somehow involved. Melodies float in and out, and drone riffs are allowed to go on until they extinguish, and singing is exchanged with barking and screeching, and gentleness is betrayed by viciousness, but the end result is beautiful- like a heap of broken crystal glasses glittering in the sun.
I do not speak Japanese, and their English is heavily filtered, so no, I cannot speak about the lyrics. They could be singing about the joys of scrabble, and I'd have no idea. For all I know "Vanilla" is about their spice rack. It really doesn't matter- the songs and the musical ideas are more than enough to sustain repeated listening.
Bottom line- if you like heavy, mind expanding rock-based music, you probably already own this. If you'd like to get into that, here you go- get started.

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