Sunday, June 1, 2014

Die Antwoord- Donker Mag

Die Antwoord took a break from their movie careers! Well, they're still at it.I think they've spread it too thin, and have run out of ideas. That's not to say they're completely done. There are about 4 tracks on here that are worth a download: Raging Zef Boner, Cookie Thumper! Pitbull Terrier, and Rat Trap 666. The rest are skits or over oevergrown skits disguised as songs. As even the titles indicate, the intention is to be crude, and dark, and overtly, offensively sexual. in other words, a kind of  rap Tenacious D. So why do I even mention it? Because I've only recently figured out that DJ Hi Tek is a real person- Justin De Nobrega  and I fink he's freaky, and I like him a lot.

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