Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dammit, Tommy

So, I've not been a huge fan of Prong, MK II. I was a big fan when it seemed like Prong was going to be an American equivalent to Killing Joke and Godflesh, but now? Tommy, dude, you've been hanging out with Al too much, man. This thing might have some good songs, hell, I can hear some good riffs in there, but that production? Pro-tooled and V shaped  amateur Metal garbage. Several tracks where all I can hear is kick drums, splashes, and fretboard buzz- I honestly cannot make out any mid range at all. That, whether you're a Metalhead or not, just sounds awful. It's really a bummer, because I so wanted Prong to come back, and roar. Instead, I get this? Very frustrating. I don't like posting negative reviews, and I know virtually no one will care, and that just sucks, because there was such potential there....

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