Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ume Monuments

I didn't see this one coming. Ume has been a decent, competent Alternative band. But on this new record, they've upped the heaviness factor, to near- sludge metal considerations. Fender into Mesa Boogie, I'm sure, probably downtuned- I'm thinking B, maybe even C. The end result is like Baroness at their more poppy moments on Yellow and Green, fronted by Emily Haines. I just have a hard time believing that noise is coming from a little southern girl and her duo sonic. If the Joy Formidable tried to rock as hard as their drummer wants to, they might sound like this. It sounds like humbuckers melting down a triple rectifier, only no palm muting, and a couple delays and reverbs to remind you that the sounds are meant to be somewhat more feminine and sensual not just full metal blast rock ( again, like Baroness on Yellow and Green) - and from photos, it looks like frontwoman Lauren Larson has converted to a tele modeled after a 1972 double humbucker, and a jaguar- probably one of the new "blacktop" models. I know, to most punters gear doesn't matter- it should, and here's exhibit "A". Ume went from a mildly entertaining hard Alternative band to full bore Rock Minotaurs with just a small change in gear. It makes so much difference. This is out on Dangerbird, but it sounds almost like it belongs on Relapse. On top of that, from what I can tell the live show is awesome. I can't wait to see them...

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