Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm not creative

 I'm not saying this with false modesty: I'm not particularly creative.  I don't have an 'artistic" temperament. I'm more of a "problem solving" type.  So, I got an Engineering degree, and, I got an English Lit degree, followed up by a library science degree, and an Education  certification ( yes, I've taught High School, but it was more a "Walter White" type scenario than a Jaime Escalante type deal). I played in a band or three, but I never seriously considered myself as falling into the "talent" side of the equation. No, my place has always been on the technical side.
Still, that doesn't mean that I haven't played some instruments, or made a few duct-tape wallets, or designed a few T shirts. I'm not totally devoid of the the "maker" impulse.  I'm just saying I usually prefer helping the creative types to realize their vision than to try to come up with a vision of my own.
So, this past week is somewhat anomalous in that I've spent more time playing music than listening to other peoples' music. The reason? Well, I got a new, cheap toy- a Behringer Super Fuzz pedal.  Why? Because I wanted something my venerable Script logo MXR Distortion plus, nor my Boss OS-2 could provide. The Behringer provided that- simple problem solved. But, there is this thing called "GAS"- gear acquisition syndrome"- the more gear you have, the more gear you want. I've been pretty good at keeping it in check, but the desire is getting pretty overwhelming. Mostly, I want three things- one of these, one of these, and one of these. Yup, champagne tastes, I know.  But, I actually have a chance to get the micro terror- a hundred and fiddy bucks is do-able. The others? Well, maybe if I come into a vast windfall. But, can you imagine the three together? Well, now you're in my head...
So, I'll get back on mission, soon. I'm just indulging in my hobby, right now...

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