Friday, December 27, 2013

At Devil Dirt Plan B

At Devil Dirt have blown my mind. Let's start with the basics- this is a band from Chile who combine Beatlesque Red Kross sElf styled harmonies with bottom heavy sludgey pools of instrumentation, and the lyrics are directly politically directed against the current state of Chilean affairs. Already, you're at a loss, right? It's only gonna get more psycho- The vocal harmonies mix Doom Metal screams with full bore 3 part harmonies of sweetly sung melodic vocal hooks, and the instruments are just as likely to feature a bass so fuzzed out is sounds like a runaway mining truck randomly throwing dynamite as they are a thirteen minute ambient keyboard soundtrack to a history lesson entirely in Spanish news reports from several decades back. Or a keys and acoustic dirge out.
But, back to the sludge- I don't say this often, but there's stuff on here that's heavier than the Melvins meeting early Torche. I know you don't believe me, but it's like a stoner rock version of Kowloon Walled City, in terms of the music- i.e  the Molasses flood of 1919 in terms of music. But, the song structures are halfway between Kyuss and Trouble, as opposed to KWC's angled avalanches.
I mentioned Torche, and that's probably as close an analogy I can generate: Sweet  pop harmonies, on a sick fudge layer of luded-out stoned blooze rock, with an unhealthy fascination with pure noise.
But, the lyrics are lucid tales from Pinochet's Chile.  Yes. My mind just fried out typing that. Ye gads.
 I heartily suggest you get this.  This is the state of underground transnational Stoner sludge psychotronic mayhem. At Devil Dirt? Yes, please!

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