Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slow week

So, yes, I've still been listening to a lot of music, and watching a lot of TV, and reading books, magazines and websites. But, nothing has truly stood out in a huge way for me- except a few things that have been better discussed elsewhere. Still, just for the record- I like Lily Allen's new single. Yes, she's a racist, but no more so than me- which is to say, as a white male, I don't hate black people, brown people, tan people, or whatever else you can to mention. No, I don't think of anyone as less than me- even the most stupid probably have a value to society that equals mine- but I cannot help but be a little bit racist in that I am still white, and as much as I oppose the culture I was raised in, I was still raised in it. So, yes, Lily Allen, too, is a racist, but I think racist in the cultural sense, not in the personal sense. That she lampoons stuff in hip hop culture says less about her beliefs than it does about the industry she's in- I am willing to bet that her production company wouldn't have touched the project if she didn't include twerking, gold chains, bling and rims. ( Do you really think Miley freakin' Cyrus discovered hip hop on her own? Madonna? Lily Allen? Don't you realize these people have a mountain of handlers, advisers, choreographers, managers, and assorted people around them who pretty much keep them in a total bubble?  We're far away from Elvis Costello making drunken racist remarks about Ray Charles, here. ) My only problem is Lily's unwillingness to really bite the hand that feeds- tell her fans to go to hell, and record a record of songs she both wrote, and performed on her own, without any concern over what will resonate with anyone else, and then we can talk about how hard it is.
I also will admit I like Chris Hardwick's new show @Midnight. I really have no defense for it. I know Hardwick is clearly an industry mole sent to exploit internet geekery, and that the pseudo game show is just a ruse to get us to watch yet another formatted clip show, complete with formulaic "outrage"- but you know what? It makes me laugh. Out loud, and embarrassingly so. So I'm not going to lie and say i hate it, because I really do enjoy it.
But, that's what happens, sometimes. Some weeks you end up just being a bit boring.  I'm not yet up to the task of making my trip to NL seem interesting, but know that I'm still on it...

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