Monday, September 30, 2013

Now that Breaking Bad is done

Just wanted to say that I haven't changed my tune. Decent. Probably good. Parts were great. Not the best TV show, ever.
For them that are analyzing it over- here's a thought- who's story is it? That is, who is telling the story? By which perception is it told? Because I think it makes a difference if this is Walter White's story, or Jesse's story, or God's... See what I'm getting at? Then, if it is, let's say, Skyler's story- is she a reliable narrator?
My personal take- it's Walter's story, and no, he's not reliable.
 One last thought- I think the strongest part of the show was the acting. The story could get hack, and the camera work was gimmicky and overly reliant upon Nature as opposed to Art.  The costuming, and set design was a massive step back to the early 1990's, and ruined several scenes for me. The staging and physical direction was fair to poor, and the pacing was better than average. Overall-about at X files levels of skill.

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