Monday, September 2, 2013

I watched Elysium and

I wish I could have played it.
Seriously, it's decent as a movie, but it would make a better video game. I know there was talk of Neill Blomkamp directing an adaptation of the Halo videogame as a movie.
There are other outlets that will go over the socialist perspective that the film endorses. One of the main characters is literally a lame Che Guevera clone. Ultimately, it's no more a strictly socialist statement than V for Vendetta is a strictly Anarchist one. But, in either case, it is a thread.
I don't watch enough action films released after 2000 to really comment on it as a summer action movie.
But I can tell you this- the basic storyline would make for an excellent first person shooter, with some moral choices thrown in- kind of like Halo, or Gears of War, but with just a touch of Fable thrown in.
I don't say this as a slam, mind you. I think Video games can certainly be just as valid a form of Art as Action movies. Sometimes they can get the message across better, too. Making this as a movie contains the message- making the moral choices up to the "audience"- the player- incorporates the message into the viewer/audience/player's existing worldview. That's far more effective. I hope somebody does make this a good video game, because I want to play it....

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