Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dead Meadow Warble Womb

I wasn't going to write about Dead Meadow. I don't hate their music, but I don't like it, either. I think True Widow do a similar sound, only better. Likewise, The Black Angels.  ( Actually, a triple bill would make for a great spaghetti western title: The Black Angels: Dead Meadow, True Widow ). Basically, they do pretty generic psyche rock of the massive amounts of reverb variety. So, I was listening to this record and asking myself what the point was? Why make this music? The message seems basically to be "Hey, we did drugs, and we like them" . While I won't get into a discussion about why all drugs should be legal, just know that I think that. That's a really thin message, though. "We did illegal drugs, and we liked it" is also pretty much Miley Cyrus' message this summer. I am not moved in either event.  That's the thing I want to talk about, right there, though- what's lacking is the emotional response. That's why I don't really care about your political agenda in music ( in other parts of my life, I care a lot, but musically, not at all) and I don't care about how you look, or what instrument or genre you play- I'm just looking for something that gives me an emotional response- that's the communication I look for in music. Maybe other Arts I find other things, but music has to emotionally connect with me, or I just can't care.....

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