Sunday, July 7, 2013

This is the new

So, with my Roku, I got a Plex account. I think I mentioned Plex, before, did I? Well, if not, it's an interesting hybrid thing- it's a website, and a kind of "TV Channel"- it takes video from the internet and collects it into a format for your playback- on a Cell phone, or, in my case, on a set top box. That mean, yes, there's some readymade content, like streaming CBS, or Vice video streaming content, but you can also add an application to your google toolbar, so you can grab content from, say Youtube, and put it on another device. Collecting a video library as it were. I had not really taken advantage of that feature until this week.So, I've been watching a lot of TV via that Plex feature.
But bear with me, I've also been watching a lot of the Roskilde festival.Kris Kristofferson sucked, Chelsea Light Moving rocked. But, I mostly watched for things I'd never seen before, and that led me to Linkoban. Jesu Christi, she's odd. A half chinese- half danish toaster, doing songs that are one third Grime, one third dancehall, and one third indietronic, she's like an evil version of Santigold. Yes, I mean evil- there's something genuinely creepy and sinister going on. I'm intrigued, but I think I'll wait until it gels into something a bit more complete.
Also, I've seen the new video for MIA. Not sure what she's getting to now, but I'm interested nonetheless.
But more to the known, I've seen all three episodes of MOCA's Art of Punk which is just fabulous. Seriously, it's simply awesome- Episode one is about Raymond Pettibon, and Black Flag, episode two is about Dave King and Cr@ss, and episode three is about Winston Smith and the Dead Kennedies- so there's that, but, more so, you get things like rare glimpses of things like how big a goofball Henry Garfield really is, how much of a career hippie Penny Rimbaud still is ( he looks like Nik from Hawkwind, these days. Well, Nik looked edgier) and just how canny Eric Boucher was.
Finally, I've been watching a lot of the Reserve channel.

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