Sunday, June 23, 2013

Only for the Hardcore

It's hardcore thrash. I suspect there are just a few of us, over 40,  left who get excited by hardcore thrash punk rock. I suspect, further, that each and every one us who remain were involved as more than passive consumers. Maybe we played in a band, maybe we put on shows, maybe we did fanzines, maybe, like me, we did all the above and more. The reason why it was, is, and always will be a small, cult, community is because it demands more of you than being a consumer, and there are only a few people who respond to that type of challenge. Those who are up to the challenge burn out fast, and I don't blame anyone for that. Hell, I've burned out, and come back at least a dozen times since I first got involved  more than 30 years ago. I don't expect anyone to follow me, either. One third of a century on a nearly incomprehensible screech of three chord, one tempo music? Music that demands massive investments of time and energy, and gives so little in return? That's worse than being a career soldier. Maybe I'm crazy or stupid, but I'm still in, even though I know none will follow. Dennis Lyxzen ,and  Karl Backman are lifers like me and Chuck Dietrich.
What I'm saying is that AC4, all the way up to the new CD "Burn the World" is not a tribute band, or a faithful re-creation- this is the real deal mid 1980's thrash. They could share a bill with Poison Idea and Battalion of Saints. I'm not going to review it, or describe it, even. For that handful of people who are ready for it, they already know. For the rest, they won't follow. Fair enough. But this is where I live. "We left you, left you behind, we don't, we don't need your kind". It's hardcore thrash, and that's everything I want it to be.

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