Friday, April 12, 2013

Yo ho hoe

Just a quick note- I've noticed that several sites that specialized in putting up Mp3's - legally, or not- have been taken down. I'm still here. Why? I think it's because this is just text, with links going back to legitimate sites. I don't illegally download, and I think I've been pretty clear about that. I worked in "the biz" long enough to know that everyone is hurting a bit- so even if illegal downloading is not what I blame for my friends not making enough money, anymore- I'm not going to avoid paying my friends. So, yes, I don't believe the hype, but no, I'm not illegally downloading. It's depressing, nonetheless. Maybe someday, other folks will realize that piracy isn't new, and it isn't the problem. Maladaption is, and always was.

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