Sunday, March 3, 2013

No post here.

Sorry, I'm dealing with some computer crap. However, I thought I'd mention it, since you may deal with it at some point, too.
I have Comcast as my cable TV provider. I am trying to cut that cord, though. However, they have a monopoly for Internet in my part  of the world, so, I will continue to "favour" them as my ISP. If I could change, I would. They like Internet Explorer, and McAfee. I prefer Chrome and Kaspersky. However, Chrome doesn't like Kaspersky, and Google has, in fact, been demonstrably less functional as of late. So- I'm having all kinds of loading issues, and crashes as my Internet service provider dukes it out with my Browser and my Security programs.  Yes, yes, I could get rid of all my computers, etc, and switch to Apple, but I could also just not use a computer ever again, too. In case you don't understand- I'd rather become Ted Kaczynski than use Apple. I think that Apple products trade their users' rights and security for Apple's rights and security and I think that's completely screwed up for people to buy into that system. So, sure, I could also go Linux, and I would if I didn't have a job. The fact is, the American Workplace uses Microsoft. Period. So, I cannot antagonize Microsoft too terribly much.
So, anyway, while I work this out- I cannot talk about the stuff I've been watching ( Walking Dead, Portlandia, and Person of Interest mostly) nor listening to ( new Clutch, David Bowie, Son Volt, Swingin Utters, Hex Machine and Cribs- All of which are great in their own ways.) nor reading ( "This is a Call" the Dave Grohl bio, "Spray Paint the Walls" the Black Flag bio, and "Undisputed" the Chris Jericho auto-bio). So, there's no post here. But, go out, watch, listen and read all that, and I bet you'll be better off than if I described them for you.

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