Sunday, February 3, 2013

And on a Completely different Note

I saw Warm Bodies yesterday. I don't care to talk too much about the movie. I mean, must hollywood turn absolutely everything into a rom-com?  a "Cute" Zombie flick? Ok, why not, and not my problem. However there was something noteworthy in the film- Rob Corddry.  I haven't gone too far deeply into his catalogue, but, of what I've found, whether on the Daily Show, or Hot Tub Time Machine, or Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay, he doesn't exactly play nice guys, and seems to specialize in playing the least sympathetic characters possible. He plays the guy you don't feel bad about wishing physical pain upon. As in, the plot contrivances in the broad farce require that someone get canned in the genitals, and he's the guy you want to see wracked.  But, in this movie, he actually generates real lump-in-the-throat sympathy and empathy. You genuinely feel bad for the guy, and want to see something good happen to him.  As such, it's a minor revelation. I'm not saying it's a great movie, or a deep revelation, but considering what the man is known for, it's a real leap, and it says something. Maybe we're finally getting over the Bush years in America? Yes, I know that's a stretch, but it seems to me that this is another crack in the armour- we're softening , from the culture of meanness. Maybe. We're still probably the most violent and predatory society ever to exist, but if we can rehab our punching bag into a teddy bear, maybe we're moving a bit? I hope so. Maybe we can warm up, just a bit?

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