Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best of? We don't need no Steenking " Best Of"

Ok, so you know that I'm not really good at "best of" or "end of year" lists. But I know they are expected of sites like mine, so, here's some stuff that happened this year that I think you're missing out if you missed it, grouped by month:
January: Nothing. Not A Damn Thing.
February: Die Antwoord at the 930 club. Mark Lanegan Blues Funeral
Normally, I'm with Henry on "Rave music" But, Die Antwoord is more punk rock than most punk rock.
Also, Mark Lanegan's "Blues Funeral". Ye gads, the guy is good. He could sing the phone book and it'd sound like a three day bender complete with divorce and hangover.Also, have you heard Dark Mark ? If you haven't, secure it somehow. You'll most likely have to break the law to do so, but ye gads, the guy is good.
March: Meh. It was a month....
April- Wow! ok, Black God II, Killing Joke MMXII, Coachella, Torche Harmonicraft, and Aeges- The Bridge.
 Black God play hardcore thrash the way it should be done, Killing Joke I shouldn't have to sell you on, Coachella laid down the gauntlet for Live streams, Torche brought the best hard party all year ( Hence I saw 'em twice), and Aeges did the best late 1990's post-hardcore record this side of the Refused.
May- Tragedy- Darker Days Ahead, The Cribs- In the Belly of The Brazen Bull, Dead Ending.
May must be punk rock, or something- first with Tragedy, they upped their game from sludge punk to some undefinable metal punk hybrid that is one part Neurosis, one part Kylesa, and one part Discharge. The Cribs answered the much-needed question- why must someone mix the Pixies and Oasis?, and Dead Ending brought Vic Bondi back to Chicago, with awesome intelligent thrash as the result.
June- dEUS- Following Sea, Silence is Sexy- Modern Antiques, The Hives at the 930 club
dEUS let down the veneer to do a quickie LP that rocks, Silence is Sexy sloughed off this mortal coil with a double LP that mixes Depeche Mode, the Editors and The Beach Boys, and the Hives gave part one of the proof that the Swedes put on the best rocknroll shows.
July- Baroness Yellow and Green, The Refused at the Fillmore, Workers- Both Hands
Baroness evolved into one of our finest psychedelic bands, the Refused gave the definitive proof that the Swedes put on the best Rocknroll shows ever, and the Workers finally put out a second record of awe-inspiring indie rock
August- Bob Mould- Silver Age
Yes, it officially came out in September, but I got it in August. Best record of the year. No question.
September- Bob Mould at the 930 Club
St Bob got off the cross, got happy, rocked hard, melted faces. Amazing.
October- Argo
No I didn't review it here. However that didn't stop it from being the best movie I saw all year.
November- Deftones Koi No Yokan
In which the Deftones prove that post metal doesn't need to be either instrumental, nor too difficult to enjoy
December- Not over yet, but I ain't hopeful.

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